My story...

Margo Houwing-Tabak

I would like to introduce you to my life as an artist, entrepreneur, mother and wife, depending on the time of day.


I live on a farm in Drenthe together with my husband and son. This is also the place where my studio is also located. Though everything seems to be gloomy from the outside, I have seen my share of misfortune over the years. I am a hairdresser by trade and years ago started my own salon which allowed me to explore my creativity.


At some point in time, due the lasting effects of a cancer diagnoses which I survived at a young age, I ended up in a rehabilitation clinic. Struggling with poor health and a cancer beaten body, I was forces to abandon my salon. It was during this difficult time when I discovered my passion for painting and drawing that ultimately led me to start Art Studio Margo.


Now I transform my feelings into visual work of art, just to make sense of it a

artworks by art studio margo

Being an artist allows me to come to peace with my body, take care of both myself as well as my family and bring joy to the life of others


For me, everything comes together in visual works. I really love texture, generous use of paint and my eye for detail gives my works a rich appearance. The common theme running through my art is the use of gold tones and relief.


Each vase has been carefully selected by me and made of high-quality, exclusive mouth-blown glass. The vases are available in the most beautiful shapes and sizes. Each vase is decorated with the most beautiful flowers. All hand-painted vases receive a unique number and are of course signed by me! You will also receive a certificate of authenticity with your work of art.


I would like to give something back…


How grateful I am that I have rediscovered my creativity. That is why I donate part of every item sold to the Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncology in Utrecht. For me, this has come full circle and I hope to contribute to the mission of the Princess Máxima Center to cure every child with cancer, to ensure quality of life. That not only every child may continue to dream, but may live to see them become reality.

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